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Sunday, March 25, 2007

MapmyIndia,Complete guide to map of India

Mapping India has been task many companies take. To find best route Map of India and its locations is the best source. With the advent of the Internet and exposure to international mapping sites, tourism etc, there has been a very big rise on the advent of mapping by a large number of companies. However finding the accurate detailed location had been a challenge

Work Around

- Check Out MapmyIndia, a complete guide to maps in Inda

MapMyIndia is a free web application to get maps in India. Map provide accurate directions in India. It offers city maps, street maps, route maps, driving directions, Locations and a business locator for India. Mapmyindia has a sister site MapMyIndia is a free map service just like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or MapQuest but dedicated to Indian geography. MapMyIndia also offers city maps, street maps, route maps, driving directions, eLocations and a business locator for India. They also have a mobile maps portal (paid), but you can try it for free till 31st Dec

About Mapmyindia

MapmyIndia, portal dedicated to India map has been created by a New Delhi, India based company. Maps of India can be find in complete details. MapmyIndia has been rated as one of the most innovative companies by its peers in the Information Technology Industry. The Mapmyindia site is the web front end of the underlying data available with CE Info. MapmyIndia Creator Company over the last decade has built a library of high resolution satellite images, which it is now displaying through its website.

Unique Features

It provides free maps of India and locations in India. The detailed map of India and its locations are provided. Details are to extent that you can find address of your house. Whether it is physical map of Inda, road map of India, a house map in any location in India any map is possible with MapmyIndia. With unique feature of e-location one can map out his/her residence on the internet specific to India. This is a first for India and first for mapping sites across the world.
MapmyIndia better map portal for India then Google Map

are very useful when it comes to planning trips or getting directions. Google Map provides Map but MapmyIndia provide details which GoogleMap does not provide.

For complete detaisl just check out the portal.