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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What time is this on other side of GLOBE!!!

Technology has bridged gaps between continents. Around 70 – 80 % of multinational companies are have there branch offices, sites office at diversified locations. Usually people go and visit website, try time converters, asks colleagues for timings at other continent. But, being self dependent is mantra these days!!

Work Around

- Download a World Time Converter!!

World Time Convertercan be easily downloaded and installed in the system.

Advantage of using World Time Converter
  • Free

  • You can SET time zones as per your choice , it keep them clocking all the time.

  • Place shortcut in startup menu, hence no need to start it all time.

  • Draft it in be only visible on clock click (so task bar is also free).

  • Small icon “near date n time ” that’s it.

  • BIG one, this software can also be used to for POP UP reminders!!

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