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Friday, November 17, 2006

When was last time your BOSS reminded you for pending TASKS !!!!

What you usually use at workplace for write TO Dos
  • Note Books
    (Which usually get lost, have tear pages after some time, you forget where you have written last notes, etc)

  • Stick Notes
  • (After a while, stick notes gum looses its adhesiveness, some one removes its by mistakes, etc)
Work Around

- Use Microsoft Outlook Notes

Microsoft Outlook comes a bundle pack with MS Office. If you are using Outlook for first time on your PC, you need to make profile (just give your own name). On LHS there are links for Mail, Calendar, Notes, and Contacts.(sample pic below). Create a new one (e.g. title TO DO) start writing all pending tasks you have and create shortcut on desktop (you may even further link shortcut to start-up). This will now act as permanent notes on desktop.

Advantages of using Microsoft Outlook Notes
  • Its Free!!
  • Once created shortcut, no need to start outlook
  • Whatever you write, no need to save (write it and forget it, it will remain there!)

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