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Friday, January 12, 2007

How to write a better Business letter?

Many times at work place you are stuck while writing a business letter. Your boss may be demanding a formal business letter. Business Letter,apology letter,sales letter , complain letter, resignation letter, thank you letter needs to be professional and impressive. Some times you may feel you need a letter writing expert for writing a strategic business letter. Such letter writing needs effective business letter cover plan. Business letter headings and closings needs to be appropriate. In short there are some business letter etiquette that needs to followed. You need to have a tool that helps you in writing a professional business letter without wasting much of your time and at low cost.

Work Around

- Use a Business Letter writing software

Business Letter Professional is a letter writing tool available for writing impressive, attractive letters.

Business Letter Professional includes about 1000 typical business letter templates. It has an embedded text editor that allows you to edit, copy, paste, search, preview and save your letters. It also enables you to set an external e-mail program to send your finished letters directly.

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Some basic tasks which can be accompolished using Business Letter professional are:
  1. In accounting & Finance for raising capital, applying for grants, improving accounting methods etc
  2. Marketing & Sales:Helps in planning market campaign, sending a press release and more.
  3. Thanks & Greetings: Provides help for congratulating on success, expressing satisfaction with certain products or service, acceptance of suggestion or giving greeting on a special day.
  4. Complain & Apology: complain about goods and bad service, eliminate misunderstandings, stop illegal use of properties, and explain mistakes on customer service.
  5. Cooperate & Legal: protect your Intellectual Property, protect company secrets, better negotiate your office lease, and use By-laws, shareholders Agreement & Articles of Incorporation to setup your business.
  6. Marketing & Sales: increase your sales with better communication, improve response time to customer inquiries, plan a marketing campaign, send a press release, and sign distribution/partnership deals.
  7. Personnel & Employees: hire/fire employees, contractors and consultants, write detailed company policies and procedures, prepare professional job descriptions, conduct personnel evaluations, manage your workforce, and sign confidentiality agreements.
  8. Proposal & Request: request and sign agreements reselling products, and expand your market reach with co-branding opportunities and affiliate marketing.


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RS said...

Can u send me some templates or some software which was very small in size and dont take much space on my hard disk