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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Introduction to “Office Tips n Tricks”

Office is the place where we spend most productive part of the day. There are so many goals to be taken care of and targets to be achieved. Many times it happens that there are many things which are small but significant and take much time. This blog is an attempt to list various office trips n tricks which when used can make work place efficient. It contains discussion about various tools/work arounds that an organisation should use to expedite their work. Some of the tools discussed include Software for sending bulk e-mails , Anti-spamming software,using desktop search program,usingmicrosoft outlook for keeping reminder of pending tasks or for copying data from Web, Data security software such as Anti-phishing software. Tips and tricks include tips about organizing a manager's work place,tips and tricks to expedite search on Web,tips and tricks for using language translation tool, Microsoft office tips,Office tips for Letter writingand many more.

The idea is to create awareness of tools that are available so that one can deploy them and make their work space more efficient. So here is my first post :)

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narender kumar said...

I am a lay man in computer techonology. After going throuthe contents on this site i have been able to make good use of my computer for my office use. I am thankful to google for providing such sites to visit.