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Friday, December 22, 2006

Are you a victim of E-mail bombing and Spamming?

While working in office you may find your system has suddenly become sluggish. E-Mail processing is slow, your mailer seems to process a large number of messages and there are lot of unwanted e-mails in your inbox. If that is the case then you are victim of e-ail spamming.

Work Around

-You need to use an anti-spam tool that can help you in recognizing and minimizing effect of such indecent activity.

With such tools you can maintain a list of legitimate and fraud e-mail Ids and also keep a check on suspicious mails such as
Setting alerts for messages that originate from the same user or same site in a very short span of time. You can try using Mail Washer. Mail washer is a reliable spam blocker that will effectively stop email spam. Just download 30 day trial version and check out its anti-spam features. Some of features of the software are:
  1. Preview emails on the server to see who’s the sender and what he has to say before downloading.
  2. Deleting un-wanted e-mails from server.
  3. Maintaining Friends list for recognizing valid e-mail Ids.

  4. Maintaining backlist for the e—mails which have automatically bounced.

  5. Customizable Filters for effective filtering out spam mails from legitimate mails.

Just login to Mail Washer site for complete information.

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