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Friday, December 22, 2006

Want to send bulk e-mails ?

Often at your workplace, major task in your to-do list is " need to send bulk E-mails to your clients/customers ". It’s quiet tedious task, (but job is job :), surely not an easy one as you need to maintain database for list of e-mail Ids of the receivers and also monitor status of e-mails i.e they have reached the receiver or have bounced due to invalid ids or other problems. Such tasks are important in today's competitive world, as the timely mails should reach targeted clients at the right time. It's a challenge, to achieve maximum results, especially if email list is very large.

Work Around

-Use a Bulk Mailer and e-mail validator software such as World Cast.

World Cast is user friendly software that can act as a power tool for bulk mailing. It can be described as a two in one software that help to send bulk mails and also provides facility to validate e-mail addresses. It detects many of the invalid addresses that may exists on emailing list and reports errors such as bad email address, time out operations etc.. . Its download is freely available on many Website. You can just download the software from Shareware connection

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Anonymous said...

This software worldcast is useful even i use it for email validation in my office