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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Need to copy data from Web?

While surfing the Web or while reviewing any document you may need to save some information for future reference. Generally either we save the webpage or need to copy paste in another document. This can be some times time consuming and we need to remember the folder where we have saved relevant information. Can you think of a better trick to do this job?

Work Around

-Use Microsoft Outlook Notes Simple!!!!!!!!!!

Click Notes to view all of your Outlook Notes. Now back to clipping. Open a Microsoft Office Word document or a Web page and size the window so that it does not overlap with your Outlook Note. See something that you would like to save for future reference? Select the text, and then drag it to your Outlook Note. When you see the mouse pointer change to a plus symbol (+), you can release the mouse button. Your text is now saved in an Outlook Note

Source: Micrsoft office Online

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