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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to monitor Network Security?

Data security has become a major concern in today’s world. By breaching network security information can easily be hacked or damaged.

Work Around

- Be aware of the key areas in Network which are prone to security breach.

Network needs security in three areas:
  • Perimeter where network connects to internet: Firewalls are each internet connection helps keep hackers and mischief’s away.
  • Securing remote connections such as office, satellite as well as employees who connect 0from road or from home.
  • Endpoints: This include individual devices on the network. They are most difficult to secure as they are more prone to malicious activities and difficult to secure due to there quantity, diversity and habits of people who are using them. It is at the endpoints that the hacking or other attack takes place and the attack propagates through the network making it insecure and may hinder in its functioning.
So in case you find any breach in these key areas just report your Network Administrator.

Source: IQ by Cisco Systems Third Quarter 2006
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Amber Salm said...

There are various tools available for securing and monitoring the network. The process of network security is not so simple as it appears but a challenging and time consuming one.

Amber Salm said...
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