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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tips n tricks to expedite search on Web

Web is collection of millions of web pages and to search required web page search engine is the most popular medium. If you are an online recruiter or in industry of market research or in related job it becomes a daily routine to search relevant pages on net. Many times we get irrelevant pages irrespective of search keyword we use. Many times web page does not turn up in first few google pages. This not only delays work but also creates mental tension. So in that case what you need to do ?

Work Around

Be aware of Search Engine math

Each search engine acknowledges some basic search engine math which can surely improve the results and expedite the work. Just check out some basic mathematics that can really improve your searches
  • Using ‘+’
    Using ‘+” ensures that search engine searches all the words you have entered in the Search tool bar for eg. If you want to web page containing information about both google and yahoo enter

    + google + yahoo

    Rather then entering google yahoo.
    If you want web page containing specifically summer camp registration date its better to write + summer + camp + registration + date to get web page specifically containing all the keywords.

  • Using ‘-‘
    Subtract is used to specifically find web pages that contains one key word and not the other. For example you need information about TATA group but not about Tata Indicom.You can just enter TATA –Indicom
    With this command no page containing Indicom will be displayed.

  • Using Phrase Search for multiplicity
    In addition we get all terms we entered but not in that particular order. To get the whole key phrase such as summer camp registration date we need to enter it within quotes such as “summer camp registration date”. This command will make search engine search specifically for the whole key phrase.

    Note: You can just combine the above commands to suit your need and to get improved results.

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