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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tips and Tricks to reduce Network Downtime

Network Down means no work/ no business. The rapid developments in computer technology have resulted in a greater reliance on Client/server architectures that implies greater implementation of Networks. With large numbers of desktop or network computers interconnected in a network, networks act as eminent medium of connection between the servers and the clients. This increasing reliance on networks, driven by the growing use of sophisticated applications and popularity of Intranet and internet, has created demands for a zero fault tolerant network. Network Downtime even if it is of relatively short period of time can represent a substantial loss to the business. We can say that companies rely on their networks to sustain their business and need to have have a zero tolerance to downtime.

Work Around

- Need to monitor and incerease fault tolerance of Network

Tips and tricks to reduce downtime:
  • Identify both source and cause of problem eg. Source of downtime may be router but cause may be improper configuration.

  • Scrutinize network applications to make sure that service providers meet their uptime promises. Companies that run applications supporting vital revenue streams like real-time order entry or financial trading can attest to the dollar value of each transaction traversing their network. Network downtime costs these companies large sums of money every year in terms of lost productivity and lost business.

  • Invest in redundancy

  • Ensure that the core of the network is protected against any potential single point of hardware failure

  • Monitor traffic regularly as any un expected increase may overload network and will call for increased bandwidth. Provide mirrored links for LAN and WAN traffic.

  • Replace conventional switches and routers that tie transaction processing clients to server farms with non-stop devices.

  • Upgrade Existing System: Fundamental way of addressing and managing the reliability problem is to create a network architecture that deploys fault tolerant system components.

Note: Check out Network Downtime Pdf for more information

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