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Friday, December 29, 2006

Tips and Tricks to expedite Web Search –Part II

Search engine Math commands discussed above are one of the popular methods to expedite search. In case search engine maths fails to provide desired results another work around is using Boolean Searching.

Boolean searching as the name suggest includes basic Boolean commands
Such as And ,Or,Not.
  1. ‘And’: ‘And used to find web pages that definitely contains both the keywords specified on either side of the command.

  2. English AND Geometry : Will search webpages containing keywords English as well as Geometry

  3. ‘OR’ :‘OR’ used to find web pages containing either of the keywords entered with the ‘OR’ command.

    English OR Geometry : Results in pages containing either of the keywords or both of them

  4. ‘Not’:
  5. ‘Not’ command is used to exclude the keyword preceeded by ‘Not’ command

    Beans NOT Java : will include web page that have keyword beans but do not key word Java(It will exclude webpage talking about Javabeans.

    A combination of above commands can be used to get desired results.

Note:The commands discussed above are some popular search commands. There are many Search engine specific commands. Just check out Search Engine Featured Chart for complete information about various search commands available with different Search Engines.

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