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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How Microsft Out look can help in fighting Phishing?

As discussed in previous post it is difficult to distinguish fraud e-mail from legitimate ones specially when you receive lots of e-mail in a day. Here is another work around:

-Use Microsft Outlook anti-phishing features simple!!!!!!!!!!

Outlook provides feature that verify each e-mail to check whether it is fraud or not. Some of the parameters used to verify the e-mail are:

  • Check content of the E-mail

  • E-Mail address from where E-mail has been sent. If it has been sent by a spoofed address filter will consider it suspicious.

  • Filter check the links if provided in the e-mail. If links found to me suspicious mail considered to be fraud.

  • Suspicious message detection is set on by default. Whenever any e-mail is considered suspicious it is sent to Junk E-Mail folder. The m essage format of the e-mail is changed to plain text and links in message are disabled.

    Outlook 2003 contains phishing protectection features to fight phishing. Its features can be used by downloading both the latest Junk E-mail Filter update and Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 from Microsoft office online. Good information about its phishing features is also available in a post ondigital Inspiration.

    Note: The phishing protection feature is not available for earlier versions of Outlook.

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