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Friday, December 15, 2006

How MVP’s can help in solving MS Word related problems?

It may happen you are stuck with MS Word problem at your workplace and are not able to solve it using MS Word tutorials/Newsgroups.

Work Around
You can go for a professional help by a MVP.

MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional. This is a award provided my Microsoft to outstanding members of online community. These candidates are generally proposed by existing MVps as they regularly participate in conversations of newsgroup and are familiar with members of the community. These MVPs are available for commercial hire. They show their a "Business Contact" link on their bio page. In case you have an extensive problem which you are not able to solve via newsgroup advice alone you may email to a MVp for consultation. Note you need to post your problem in the newsgroup before contacting any MVP. Complete details of MVPs can be downloaded from The Word MVP Website. It is one of the best help website that provide quality tutorials on MS Word.

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