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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Getting help for Microsoft Word

In our office Microsoft word is a most useful package we use for our daily documentation. Sometimes we get stuck with problems that really kills our time.

Work Around

The guru mantra for getting out of such problem is to use F1 Key help and Office Assistant. If this doesnot solve your problem you may visit Microsoft newsgroup. Microsoft have newsgroups that are completely dedicated to understanding MS word and using it in a better way. Any one can go and put up a question over there which are quickly answered by other people who visit the group. It has been analyzed visitors get their answers with in 24 hours. In case you have Microsoft Outlook Express on your system just visit news://

Google also keeps archives of the discussion on Micrsoft Newsgroup. You can search the google archivehosted on google groups beta center and search the archive same way you search on the Web.

There are also very good websites which provide quality tutorials on MS Word. Just check out the following Websites

The Word MVP Website
Shaunakelly’s Website
MSDN Blogs
Bay City Public School help tutorial
Online Free tutorials
MS Word Tutorial

Note: Such help is also available for other MS office programs.

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