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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thank God I use Gmail at my workplace

In office when you get hundreds of mails and you need to read,mark and categorize them as per official need. You may need to customize mail for the client and need to store a lot of e-mail IDs. Things may get messed up if your e-mail service is not . In most office there is an official e-mail software used in case you don't have one what you need to use.

Work Around

- Use Gmai Account for managing your e-mails.

Some of the popular features of Gmail are listed below:

    Labeling E-Mails

    Gmail provides facility to label e-mails. These methods provide user facility for categorizing e-mails by labeling them. An e-mail can be labeled any number of times.
    User can display e-mails with a particular label and can also use it as a criterion for searching e-mails.

    Managing Contacts

    As you send e-mail via Gmail contact list of gmail gets updated. It also has auto-completion feature that pop ups e-mail ID, primary name as user writes address in the To,Cc,Bcc column.

    Auto Save feature

    Gmail is equipped with auto save feature that saves the current e-mail as draft in case the window gets close accidentally due to browser error or any other issue.

    G-Mail Notifier

    G-Mail is an Official Tool provided by Google for getting new mail notifications. The notification icon is installed in the task bar in PC and on right hand side of Menu bar in MAC OS and it signals whenever there is new mail in the Inbox.

    G-Mail Chat feature

    With G-Mail chat you can chat with other people who have g-mail account. It can also be synchronized with Google talk network and thus enables interaction with google talk clients.

    Key board short cuts

    Gmail provides keyboard shortcuts that can be used while browsing g-mail. These short cuts are enabled by default and need to be enabled by the user

    Support to Multiple languages

    Gmail provides support to about 40 languages. All web pages and e-mails are encoded in the Unicode standard (UTF-8). This enables sending and receiving e-mails containing Cyrillic, Asian and Latin special characters.

    G-Mail’s RSS feed feature

    G-Mail has RSS feed feature that enables feed as single line on top of the page. User can scroll the feed to read through the content.

    Anti-Virus Scanning
    Gmail introduced a feature which automatically scans all incoming and outgoing e-mail attachments for viruses. If a virus is found on an attachment the reader is trying to open, Gmail will try to remove the virus and open the newly cleaned attachment.

    Provides access to Google Docs & Spreadsheets

    Google Docs & Spreadsheets can be used to view word processor documents and spreadsheets. It is a free web-based word processing and spreadsheet program. It accepts popular file formats such as DOC, XLS, ODF, ODS, RTF, CSV, etc. You can share a document with another user and invite the user by email address. Invited visitors can sign and access the document for viewing or editing. Document can also be shared among multiple people. It has provision of a screen chat window that provide updated information which user changed which document and when.

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